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Our catch phrase here at Tyner Paving Co. pretty much sums the history of our business in three words “Driveways to Highways”.

Our company's founder Robert E. Tyner built this business primarily as a residential driveway installer in the foothills of Los Angeles. Robert sold Tyner Paving Co. in the late 1980’s and bought a very successful paving company in San Diego and to this day still is the managing sole owner.

Richard Quinn became the salesman way back in the inception of Tyner Paving Co. and still is with the company today as a managing owner and partner. Rick is engaged in the sales department, managing our long time accounts and promoting new clientele.

Craig Thomas came to Tyner Paving Co. in 1986 as the superintendent of production. Craig came from a family of pavers as his father began working in this industry after WWII. Craig is the managing partner that still oversees the day to day operation of the construction crews and the equipment management.

Don Thomas came on board with Tyner Paving Co. in 2003 as our public works estimator and project manager. That was the first year that we jumped into the public agency or public works sector of the general engineering industry. Along about this time is when we coined the phrase “Driveways to Highways”.

Our office staff, that includes Nancy and Cindy, has been tremendous assets to our office since 2004. They keep us old guys in line when it comes to appointments, proposals and accounting.

Most importantly are the hard working men who work tirelessly every day making all of us look good. Our core crew has been with Tyner Paving Co. for over 30 years. It is said in many business schools and for that matter any competitive undertaking that “you are only as good as your weakest link in the chain”. Our employees at every level have worked hard to maintain the succession of strong links through this simple but yet affirming philosophy.

We have learned a few extra tricks outside the asphalt paving industry along the way. Tyner Paving Co. is also a full service concrete company. We specialize in all things related to the construction of parking lots and streets. Curbs, curb and gutter, sidewalks and of course concrete parking lot paving.

With the added concrete service we jumped headlong into the ADA remodel industry. This is mostly seen in shopping centers and major malls where updating outdated or non-existent handicap access pathways to store entrances is a must.

We have also been on the cutting edge of storm water retention systems of all types. This has become a mandatory item on all new construction projects and major remodels.

Of course we offer a complete asphalt seal coating service as well as striping and signage to cap off our complete onsite and offsite installations. Finally, it would be our pleasure to assist you in obtaining the best solution and pricing for your general engineering needs.